Why choose us

There are many talented accounting and wealth creation practices to choose from – so why should you choose ours?

Here are 10 reasons that set us apart.

1. We listen before we talk

When you first meet us you will find that we ask a lot of questions and that you will do most of the talking. The reason is simple: many businesses give clients the service and advice they guess the client wants, rather than the advice and service the client actually needs. With Custom Accounting you will get exactly the advice and service you are looking for based entirely on your specific goals.
That’s why the service we provide is called Custom Fit.

2. Country values, city smarts

You will also find that we are a country-based business with an office in the city, not the other way around. There’s a lot to be said for the country life, for the values and integrity of the bush. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have city smarts – it’s just that we prefer the solid foundations that a country based business provides.

3. We are on call at all times

Your finances are of vital importance to you – and to us – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple account query or a vital question regarding tax law, when you want an answer you don’t want to wait too long. We understand this very well, which is why we commit to always being available at any time. And on those rare occasions where you can’t reach us we will get back to you within 2 hours to solve your problem.

4. You also have access to what’s important

Whether you need to speak to your key adviser or you simply want to know how your portfolio is performing you have access to all areas of our business. You can always find someone to talk to who knows your business. For all your financial details and your investment portfolio we give you the access code to your online account, which is located on our highly secure server. We also make sure we report to you by the method you prefer as often as you wish.

5. We have strengths in all areas

All of our staff are highly qualified experts in specialty subjects such as tax law, superannuation, management reporting, IT, wealth creation and much else besides. Every one of our people are expected to keep their knowledge up to date and continue their learning. Importantly, where we don’t have appropriate skills – HR for instance, Legal advice or Investment Research – we tap into our wide network of trusted experts who will help us advise you.

6. We are a full service practice

Here is a quick summary of what we can provide you:

  • Superannuation structure and advice.
  • Wealth Creation and Estate Planning.
  • A Managed Portfolio Service, either advice only or full service.
  • We can provide a fully serviced Business Office where all the functions and reporting that a business must do is handed over to us, and we do it for you.
  • For professional advice and strategic business counsel, our founder Stephanie O’Connor has a wealth of experience giving insight and creating opportunities for the boards and management of businesses big and small.

7. Our fees

Our fees are fair, straightforward and transparent. Because we are efficient and organised the cost is kept down – and of course because you are getting a Custom Fit service, you only pay for what you really want.

8. Strongly independent

We aren’t aligned to any financial institution so we can guarantee that our decisions and advice are not swayed by personal interest. More than that, if we receive a “kick back” for giving a financial institution your business, we notify you of this and then give you that money back. After all, it is your money.

9. You’ll like us

We love what we do and it shows. The people who work here have mostly been here for a long time – many since we first began – and we are tight knit and loyal. You will find that we are loyal to our clients too and fiercely protective of their interests. If it’s possible to like an accountant, well, you will like us.

10. You

In the end it will always come back to you, all the work we do, all the inventive ideas we have, everything we create to build your wealth and secure your future, none of it can happen unless we begin with you. That’s how we started, and that’s how we finish. It’s all about you.

What our clients say