There are over 19 million myGov accounts with access to member services like the ATO, Centrelink, Medicare and more.


To improve your online digital experience, the ATO has announced that you can now connect your myGovID to your myGov account for simple, flexible and secure access.

Once connected, you can still use your existing sign in option as well as myGovID, helping you avoid losing access to your account when using other sign in options. You can disconnect your myGovID from myGov at any time.

myGovID uses encryption and cryptographic technology as well as the security features in your device, such as fingerprint, face or password to protect your identity, making it the most secure way to sign in to myGov.

Your myGovID provides you with streamlined access to multiple government online services for both personal and business matters. It’s unique to you, using your personal information which is verified against existing government records – you cannot share it with others.

For more infomation about how to connect your myGovID to your myGov account click here.