“In 2011 our family decided to set up a foundation that would allow for intergenerational philanthropic giving.

Steph was one of the first people we contacted, and with the guidance and experience of Custom Accounting, we have seen the foundation grow exponentially.

The giving sector is managed in a very structured environment, and the compliance requirements call for experienced and knowledgable staff to meet the stringent guidelines set by ASIC and other regulatory bodies – and that’s what we get from CA.

The team at CA exude a sense of calmness and efficiency that we have been particularly impressed with. Decisions are not rushed, we receive clear and timely communications, and all recommendations are well researched. At no time in the last 11 years have we disagreed on the advice given by the team – Emily, Debra and Steph.

We are also grateful for the CA team managing our personal tax affairs. Again, the service is of a very high standard and we have been extremely satisfied with the support provided to us. I can highly recommend the services of CA for all the reasons mentioned above.”