“The team she has are good people, good at their jobs and are extremely helpful and patient with us.

We have found Steph invaluable at analysing new business opportunities: she is very quick at seeing the issues and zeroing in on what needs to be asked.

Steph is across all of the complicated issues of running a family farming business. She understands that in our case family is first and her expertise in guiding us around the financial issues is invaluable. She doesn’t pull any punches and she plays it straight down the line.

She’s a good listener and a great thinker. But the thing that is different about Stephanie is that she is a really passionate person, she really believes in what she does and she really loves it.

When it comes to financial negotiations, we always take her with us. She asks all the hard questions and she has terrific negotiation skills.

She has a very good understanding of what drives profit and she has a great ability to put her finger on the financial benefits that might accrue. Nothing seems to get past her.

Our reporting used to be from a farming perspective. Since Custom Accounting took over we get a fool proof easy to read snapshot of the business – as a business – and far better projections to help with planning and growth.”