“If you want clear headed answers to tricky business problems then Custom Accounting and Stephanie is the answer.

CA gets on the front foot, understands our position and is very good at getting an answer or finding a solution that we can all live with.

She has fantastic people around her who are experts for tax advice, compliance, accountancy and reporting. They have all the skills within the practice.

Steph uses her commercial initiative and extensive business background to come up with solutions that are legal, practical, ethical and commercially viable.

Steph has an extensive business background. She has seen or heard of most problems a business faces, no matter how obscure. Then she uses her commercial initiative to come up with solutions that are legal, practical, ethical and commercially viable.

We grew from 8 shareholders to 35, and we needed the reassurance of having strong accounting and reporting functions on a monthly basis. Custom Accounting delivers accurate, detailed, timely and easy to read reports that gave our shareholders a clear picture of how the company was performing as a whole and by division and activity each month.

We are in a JV with a publically listed company and therefore we need accurate, real time reporting. No one wants any surprises. CA delivers in this critical role.

Steph has been involved with many of our companies and businesses for more than 27 years, and is unique in my experience when it comes to navigating tricky and complex situations; for example we have utilized her skills in many structural and M and A challenges, business valuations, due diligence, the negotiation process and sound acquisition implementation strategies.

For service, intelligence and focus I don’t think CA can be beaten”