“My background is as a solicitor, so I needed someone to familiarise me with the management and financial reports for our particular business. Stephanie explained the short comings in our old system reports, took the time to help me become confident at reading and understanding the numbers – and the story behind the numbers and has now helped us produce far more meaningful reports.

Within six months of taking over we had strong Management Reporting across the three different enterprises in our business, so we could see the cost of production for each individual part of the business

The Custom Accounting team are a delight to deal with; they are proactive and quick to deliver answers if I phone them with an enquiry. It’s also nice to see that those small items don’t appear on the bill!

Stephanie is astute enough to know how the family dynamic works. She helped us by grasping the situation, understanding what the best solutions were and giving us a clear, unambiguous answer. She is a great person to have on your side.

Families, especially farming families can have very particular issues that need handling. I found that Stephanie is diplomatic yet forceful, and she knows how to create a solution that people can agree with. She doesn’t hide bad news from you either.

When we took over we couldn’t get a clear picture of how the business was performing. Now we have Monthly Management Reports that give us a clear indication of how each part of our business is performing

I believe with CA we get much more than we pay for, we get confidence and clarity – and it is certainly cheaper than dealing with lawyers!”