“After spending 40 years working for a Bank, my wife and I ventured into growing apples.

Our accounting & taxation needs were looked after by Stephanie O’Connor until our orchard was sold 15 years later which coincided with Stephanie setting up Custom Accounting. This was advantageous for us, as we wanted the freedom of not having to regularly check and research our investments.

After setting out our financial needs we handed the running of our investment portfolio over to Custom Accounting knowing that we were dealing with a firm that had an utterly reliable and independent person at the helm and whose love and knowledge of the financial world could secure better results than we could.

She has a team of specially selected staff who are trained to perform their respective rolls in a professional and friendly manner.

Recommendations are put to us and if we agree, the necessary action is taken.

Quarterly reports are produced showing the performance of the general market compared to our portfolio, a summary of holdings that could be performing better and recommendations on investments that could be more profitable.

The freedom we now have is much appreciated.”