Chartered Accountant (Fellow)
Bachelor of Economics


Registered Tax Agent


“I get great satisfaction from seeing strategic advice I have given a client make a difference – often a big difference – to their business. And of course I love working with the team we’ve built here. It’s great to work with friends”

A Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants since 1988, Stephanie is the principal and founder of Custom Accounting.

With over 33 years experience at delivering the kind of service and wisdom that her clients were looking for she quickly established a very successful business, with the unique perspective that comes from working in the country, but with city smarts.

She understood from her time at large advisory firms that if the client’s interests were truly the focus it was critical from the beginning to build a strong team of individuals who were loyal, hardworking and experienced.

The continuing success of CA is proof that she has achieved that goal and now can focus on her expertise in the areas of Wealth Creation and Business Advisory.

Stephanie has a strong and informed opinion about Wealth Creation that her clients have discovered can be listened to and acted upon with confidence. Her decision to remain unaligned with any financial institution is just one reason why her clients know that her integrity is above reproach. For example, if CA ever receives a “kick-back” that money is given back to you.

In the area of Business Advisory Stephanie understands the nature and complexities of business today and is up to date with all of the latest ideas in the vital areas of tax laws and financial management.  She can see opportunities that can be missed by those who are focused on running the business day to day. Her astute and clear-eyed observations have often helped businesses move up a gear to maximize strategic advantage or to grab an opportunity when it creates the biggest impact.

Having her on board as a strategic business advisor can give you comfort that you are getting the very best out of your business.

Stephanie can also play the role of part time CFO, with all her broad business and commercial knowledge delivering a great solution to a business that doesn’t want to make the large investment in a full time high quality CFO. This way you can have many of the benefits of that financial oversight at a fraction of the cost. It could be smart business.

Finally, her line management role will be to guarantee the delivery of all aspects of the service Custom Accounting will provide to you.