Retirement & Succession Planning

We can develop a personally tailored retirement plan with the appropriate structure for succession planning.

Retirement and Succession Planning unfortunately are all too often put into the too hard basket. We encourage our clients to develop a retirement plan early in their working lives and to focus on the financial impact that an unexpected change in business ownership may have on them and their families.

Services & Features

Our Services
  • To work closely with our clients to develop a personally tailored plan to provide sufficient funds for retirement and the appropriate structure for succession planning
  • Tailor an individual investment strategy to suit your life-style needs & passions yet allow sufficient funds for your retirement
  • Assess your asset and liability base together with banking and finance arrangements
  • Devise an appropriate investment structure to minimise costs and risks

Benefits & Results

  • The security of knowing that you are prepared for the unexpected
  • The knowledge that your retirement will be well funded
  • Reduce financial costs and taxation should there be an unexpected change in management
  • Creates an income stream for your retirement sufficient to sustain your life-style
  • The satisfaction that you have structures in place in case of an emergency

What our clients say