Our difference

Custom Accounting is a truly client focused Chartered Accounting practice.

What makes CA unique?

Sometimes companies can abuse the term “boutique”, but we believe that as a small company our focus on the client’s relationship and experience with us is a core foundation of our ability to provide you with a high quality service.

Our unique approach comes from our own personal values:

  • Our country NSW heritage is backed by our accounting presence in the competitive Sydney city market.
  • Our hand-picked team have many years of experience with clients and with each other.
  • Our unique approach is backed by our dedication to access, reliability, consistency, empathy and efficiency.

Your accounting partner should be someone who is interested in, learns about and understands your business and / or personal financial affairs. By achieving this, we provide our clients not only with great and ethical service & advice, but ways to financially manage your business and personal assets too.

Our logo represents our different approach and how we work with you to deliver A Custom Fit Solution.

  • Because we begin with the point that it all starts with you, it stands to reason that we have to really listen to your point of view, to truly understand what you want.
  • We meet with you to get to know you and fully understand your needs and concerns. Once we get your agreement on a particular course of action, we don’t spend a lot of time talking about it, we act because that is in your best interests.
  • We work hard to fully understand your issues and find the best possible solution. You will find that everything we do is based on how well a particular answer solves your particular problem.
  • We discuss that solution internally to test it for its strength and to seek out its weaknesses, and then, when we have the balance right, we present it to you.
  • Our aim is to get it right and to clearly, expertly deliver what you want in a way that is aligned exactly to your needs, to truly give you a Custom Fit Solution.

What our clients say