In the 2017/2018 year, employee truck drivers are now required to calculate reasonable meal expenses under a new method.

New Approach For Overnight Meal Deductions For Truck Driver's

Truck driver’s are no longer able to claim a general rate for meals each day. Rather it will be based on when you take meal breaks, and whether that would conventionally be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

From 1 July 2017, the maximum deductible amount without tax receipts is:

  • Breakfast $24.25,
  • Lunch $27.65, and;
  • Dinner $47.70.

Under this method, you will not be required to provide a tax receipt. However, you may be required to show how you came up with the amount you claim. An easy way to keep track of when you are taking meal breaks when on the road is by using your log book used for fatigue management purposes. This will provide you with clear guidance on when you took breaks.