Investing is not a straight forward process.

With the myriad of investments opportunities to choose from – property, cash, managed funds, shares, bonds, crypto currencies and many more – finding the right investments to include in your portfolio can often be a tricky and stressful exercise.

investment management service

What is the right investment strategy and mix for you?

If you’re not skilled in the area of investing, getting it right can be quite the challenge. Not to mention that once you’re in, you need to keep up with the market and its ever changing market dynamics.

For some, the idea of managing their own investment portfolio is an exciting and painless exercise. But for most of us, the idea of investing your hard earned cash can be a very daunting and stressful experience. Especially when you’re aware of how vital it is to take advantage of the compounding nature of good investments to grow your net worth.

Where do you invest, when you’re not really sure how?

Here at Custom Accounting, we understand that investing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Luckily for you, managing investments that yield high returns is an exercise that we excel at. So if you’re looking for more assurance in your investments, you might want to consider our Investment Management Service.

where to invest?

What is Custom Accounting’s Investment Management Service?

It’s a strongly independent flexible management solution designed to take the hassle and stress out of directly investing, whilst providing you with support and confidence in your investment decisions.

Our service provides a number of advantages, including:

  • a tailored portfolio
  • independent advice in your best interest 

Not to mention, as Accountants and Tax Agents we fully understand the tax consequences of generating capital gains.

How does Custom Accounting’s Investment Management Service perform?

Our current clients who utilise our Investment Management Service have recently received their Annual Fund Performances.

Their Custom Accounting Recommended Portfolio achieved a gross return (before fees) well above 15% for the year ending 31 December 2017 which, combined with above average returns for the four prior calendar years, equated to a five year compounded annual rate of return over 11%.*

What do industry experts have to say about Custom Accounting’s Investment Management Service?

Marcus Padley, an Australian stock broker and adviser, has seen a lot of client investment portfolios over the last 20 years of his career. Many of those portfolios which he has overseen are the product of financial advisers – who are happy delivering average performance for their clients while charging premium fees.

Marcus has been an industry expert and consultant to Custom Accounting since 2001 and had this to say about our Investment Management Service:


Diversification through a mindless selection of Top 50 stocks is not enough.

Over the last twenty years, Stephanie has developed an investment process that has stood as a framework for individually tailored client portfolios. Some of the most notable characteristics of Stephanie’s investment process include:

  • Investment is not simply about constructing an equity portfolio that’s why Stephanie takes an asset allocation approach – which includes all major asset classes. 
  • A tacit understanding of the need to protect capital through suitable asset allocation, which is constantly adjusted to suit market conditions.
  • A refreshing independence of mind, which means not feeling the need to hold large underperforming stocks simply because everybody else does.
  • Custom Accounting has developed an enviable network of professional industry contacts that provide a unique advisory role in the investment process. This allows us to cultivate top level industry contacts for portfolio advice, market insights, themes and individual stock guidance.
  • Stephanie possesses a confidence, experience and awareness to invest beyond Australia, which means investing in unhedged international funds and individual international stocks with significant, compounding, success. Only 1% of the average SMSF is currently invested in international shares, whereas it is over 25% of Custom Accounting’s portfolios.
  • Providing access to and administering corporate transaction in stocks held.
  • Most financial advisers take the easy route and advise their clients to buy the ‘moron portfolio’ – a diversified portfolio of Top 50 stocks anyone could pick. Not at Custom Accounting – we pick stocks individually on their merits – not on what everyone else is doing.
  • Timing. Many stock markets advisers say it can’t be done. Custom Accounting focuses on picking and selling stocks in a timely manner. It goes beyond simply buying big stocks. It includes timing them as well.
  • An unemotional and disciplined approach to selling. This is hard for most advisers to do but Stephanie constantly assesses and sells stocks that don’t perform. Clearing out the under-performers is one of the toughest jobs in investment, but not for Custom Accounting.
  • For many wealth advisers, delivering structural advice is the value add, and the investment process is an afterthought. Custom Accounting understands that in a world in which the average return is ever more accessible through managed funds, exchange traded funds and listed investment companies, there is little point a client paying for a financial adviser to manage their investments unless they add value and deliver a trusted personal experience. Stephanie certainly does that.


To succeed in the investment markets you need both passion and interest – Stephanie has both.

If you’d like more information on the Custom Accounting Investment Management Service please call your Client Relationship Manager.


Please note, this is general advice only. Your personal circumstances have not been taken into consideration.
Australian Financial Services Licence no. 286854

* Performance has been calculated using the Simple Dietz Method – Class Investment Software.
** Past performance is no indication of future performance.