Businesses in NSW will be able to pay their deferred payroll tax liabilities over 24 months via a payment arrangement with Revenue NSW. The first year of the arrangement will be interest-free.

Covid NSW Payroll Stimulus

The Stimulus Payment Arrangement is available to all NSW businesses as part of the NSW Government’s economic package to help businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Businesses had the option of deferring their payroll tax payments from March 2020 until 30 October 2020. After lodging the 2019/20 annual reconciliation (due 30 October 2020), they can either pay their outstanding liability in full or enter a Stimulus Payment Arrangement. The arrangement can be for up to 24 months from 26 October 2020. It can include tax payable from the 2019/20 annual reconciliation and any monthly liabilities for July, August and September 2020 return periods. Payments may be made weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Stimulus Payment Arrangements can only be established between 26 October 2020 and 29 November 2020 via Payroll Tax Online Services.

Source: CHH & Revenue NSW