Custom Accounting is a full service accountancy firm based in Cootamundra NSW with offices in the country and in the Sydney CBD. Like to be part of our team? We’d love to hear from you.

The inside story on Custom Accounting

Before you think about joining us, you need to know who we are and what we do. We are a full service accountancy firm based in Cootamundra NSW with offices in the country and in the Sydney CBD. We provide high quality accounting, tax planning, financial and advisory services to Australian businesses, investors, families and individuals.

Are you looking for a relaxed country lifestyle?

That’s a pity because you won’t find that here. What you will find is a fantastic team of experts, who work hard for their clients and themselves. We take no short cuts because we believe in total dedication to our clients’ needs. Our clients demand the best, that’s why they have chosen to partner with us and we return that trust by delivering quality advice, proactive thinking with a total focus on customer service. Does that sound relaxed to you?

What makes us different (and better)

There are a lot of accountancy practices out there, so what makes us the best choice for someone with experience – or for someone a little younger who is seeking a traineeship? You will discover that if you are good enough to come here we expect a great deal from you. We expect both a strong willingness to learn and a determination to succeed. But we also expect you to be thoughtful, caring and understanding because this is a listening business as well as a doing business. We get to know our clients very well, we truly understand their needs and aspirations and we like to think we are trusted partners. That takes more than expertise in a certain area of accountancy; that takes a special kind of person. Is that you?

8 things you will like about us

Being a mix of country and city means we have a variety of clients all across NSW and beyond. You will never be bored.

The team we have here is hand picked, hard working and loyal. It means there is great stability, which in turn means our clients get efficiency, thoughtful service and value for money. You will be part of a very successful team.

We’re growing fast, but we still take the time to ensure trainees get personal hands on training. While the more experienced new employee is surrounded by people who want them to succeed – and will help them get there.

Even though you will be working hard, with your head down most of the time, when you look up you will see that you are working in a bright, energetic and newly refurbished work place.

We place great emphasis on ongoing training and study. We want you to undertake the Chartered Accountants program and become a member of the institute at the end of your university degree. And for those with more experience, we want you to be an expert in more than one subject. We will help you achieve that.

The workplace isn’t relaxed but the drive to the office is. There are advantages to a country lifestyle and the values of the country are worth aspiring to: Loyalty, ingenuity, hard work, integrity, resourcefulness…. and many more.

Because of our broad spread of clients you will travel to interesting places and meet fascinating and successful people. And we hope they say the same thing about you.

Although we have Christmas Parties, End of FY parties, sponsored race days, birthday celebrations and a whole lot more, we don’t need to manufacture fun. Fun happens because of a great bunch of people doing what they love on a daily basis

Things to challenge you

If you’ve read this far either we’ve kept you waiting too long (our apologies) or you really are interested in a career at Custom Accounting. But know this:

For the more experienced applicant we look for more than simple subject knowledge and experience. We look for people who are team players and who can work with our clients and team members in such a way that you add value over and above mere expertise in a subject – however important that may be.

For both the more experienced applicant and the trainee we expect a high level of personal ambition and motivation to improve in all parts of your life – not only increasing your business knowledge but also having the heart and mind that can give back to the community in ways big and small.

For trainees you will receive a competitive salary, paid leave and financial assistance for your text books. However, we are a learning organisation, so we expect you to complete your degree by distance education through Charles Sturt University (but we will give you a little flexibility in the time frame needed to complete your degree. A little).

So there you are. Now you know a bit more about us, maybe we should know a bit more about you? Then go to “Like to be a part of our team?”

Like to be part of our team?

If you have a few years experience we would be happy to talk to you; we are growing fast and need high quality people who know their stuff. We also offer traineeships for High school graduates and undergraduates all year round. If you’ve read this far and like the idea of working here and want more information or you would like to send an application please email…
or phone (02)6942 7466

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